Columbia Furnace
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Columbia Furnace


Town of Columbia Furnace

Columbia Furnace, Layout
About This Project

West of Rapidan and across the scenic Columbia River you enter the industrial complex of Columbia Furnace (CF). As you enter the town, to the left is the Coleman Cement Plant and the Main Street railroad crossing. Ken’s Hobby Shop, the City Bank and on the corner is Adella’s Restaurant featuring “the town’s best banana split” can be found on Main Street. Columbia Furnace is also known as the “CB&W’s version of Milwaukee Wisconsin” because of several breweries. You’ll find the Columbia Furnace Brewery and Apartments featuring an outdoor dining and sampling area and Lee Beverage Distributors. Other businesses include Meg-A-Watts Transformer Manufacturers, King Midas Flour, the Columbia Furnace Train Station, CF Manufacturer Plant while on the west side is the fire department, Armour Beef Refrigeration Company and the town’s oil refining sub-station. Once clear of the bridge, you’ll enter Helix-B where you’ll make two loops and exit onto the Columbia River (concrete & steel) viaduct bridge just above the Coleman Cement Plant into the Shenandoah Valley where you’ll pass through the Shenandoah Quarry & Limestone Company, around a loop just above Thornburg and back into Helix-A.